[Mono-list] Mono Website Stops Responding... Sometimes

David P. Donahue ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
Thu, 10 Mar 2005 07:39:24 -0500

(Using Mono 1.0.6 on Apache 1.3.33)

Has anyone had a problem with .NET websites not responding on random 
occasions with Mono?  I just recently noticed that my personal site is 
doing this and there seems to be no pattern to it.  I'll be navigating 
the site, and at some point it'll just hang and no longer respond to 
anything.  But when I re-start the httpd service, it'll all work fine 
and then, sometimes, hang somewhere else.

Is this something others have experienced?  So far it seems to only 
happen with the sites written in .NET on my server, which leads me to 
believe it's something in Mono.  Just wondering if it's something that's 
been addressed/solved here before.

David P. Donahue