[Mono-list] Video about the Mono Presentation for the Plano .NET User Group

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Sun, 06 Mar 2005 10:10:48 -0600

On March 2, 2005 some of the North Texas Primates were joined by Erik 
Dasque to give a presentation titled Mono for Windows .NET Developers to 
the Plano .NET User Group at Plano Texas (USA).

A camera was placed near the LCD projector and left unattended so the 
results could have been better.  Nonetheless, all of the folks who have 
seen it so far have given positive feedback about it. 

For more information about how to obtain the video see this blog entry:

Keep in mind that we will only be making the BitTorrent seeds available 
for a limited time, and that in the spirit of Open Source and community 
collaboration we ask you to try to keep your BitTorrent download client 
opened after you complete the download for a little while so that others 
can benefit from the download as well.