[Mono-list] Monoppix - A Mono integrated live cd. V1.0 released.

Roiy Zysman Roiy Zysman <roiy.zysman@gmail.com>
Thu, 3 Mar 2005 13:22:52 -0800

Hi Guys,
Short story : 
We've just released a Mono integrated livecd which includes mono 1.0
mcs 1.0 monodevelop 0.5 , monodoc ,mysql and xsp. It also includes
some quickstarts and tutorials. check it out in

Long Story:
Back at June last year I played around with mono and I thought of how
to get more MS .NET developers exposed to mono and its capabilities .
I looked around in google for Mono and livecd . The only valuable hit
I found was a blog post by Jon Galloway telling about how cool it
would be to have a mono enabled livecd
Things picked up from there , we made a livecd out of knoppix with
emphasize on supplying the basic tools and providing quickstarts and
tutorials on how to use knoppix in general and mono,mcs,xsp in detail
. It was important for us to do the quickstarts and tutorials as we
designated this product to the the MS .NET SW developers community,
and we wouldn't wanted them to give up because of
kind of thing. So this livecd is going to focus in the future mainly
about providing latest releases of mono,mcs and its tools such as
XSP,monodevelop,mysql and would also focus on providing tutorials and
That's it, I hope you would like it. 
I would also like to hear some constructive feedback or valuable suggestions.

Last thing, Jon is an equal partner in the development of this and I
would like to thank him for all of his great work . I would also like
to thank Perica Zivkovic who just joined the monoppix team (he
literally sacrificed his machine and bandwidth to the last release).