[Mono-list] LogFile related yield problems

Jordi idroj8@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 00:43:35 -0800 (PST)

hi there,

I think that have found some yield problems on MONO
and I'll like to share them to you in order to be able
to find a solution or some other methods to do the
same thing without the time-cost that has, by now,
I writed down some test-code that will explain/expose
my claim. This is very simple code, its writed in
VBasic and just open a log file and writed down some
text lines, about 10000. See the test-code:

Module logModule
    Sub logger()
        Dim fso As IO.StreamWriter
        fso = IO.File.AppendText("./test.log")
        fso.WriteLine( "La muerte de un calamar en
alta mar" )
    End Sub
    Sub Main()
        Dim elapsedTime As DateTime
        elapsedTime = Now
        For i As Integer = 0 To 10000
Now.Subtract(elapsedTime).TotalMilliseconds )
    End Sub
End Module

The problem comes when I tried to execute it over
Mono (i tried both in Win or Linux) in comparison with
WinOS. The aplication really get slowed down by using
mono. See my timming results(on same computer):

   Windows + .Net : 4500 ms.
   Windows + Mono: 6300 ms.
   Linux + Mono : 21849 ms.

The Mono version that I'm currently using is v1.1.4
and  if there's any more information needed I'll be
pleased to give it to ya. 
So if anyone has any idea about what it could be (or
how to solve it)I'll be very pleased on having some
clues of this waste of processing time.

Thanks in advanced & see ya,

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