[Mono-list] Remoting compatibility between MS.NET and Mono

Sébastien Robitaille sebastien.robitaille@croesus.com
Tue, 1 Mar 2005 14:25:51 -0500


I know that this subject was discussed in the past, but I would like to better understand the rules you Monoers are following about
remoting compatibility between MS.NET and Mono.

I know for instance that basic types are compatibles between both platforms (array, string, int, etc.). Some classes (such as Guid)
are also remotable, while other structs/classes such as CultureInfo and BitArray are not. Classes that share the same implementation
on both sides are usually remotable (I never had problem with my own classes/structs).

I would have expected most classes from namespaces such as System, System.Collections and System.Globalization to be remotable since
the classes and structs from these namespaces are (at my opinion) the most likely to be transferred across remoting boundaries.

On the other end, if there was a list of the compatible types available (on the mono web site for example), this could really help
people like me to avoid using types that are not compatible (just a suggestion :-)


Sébastien Robitaille
Software Developer
Croesus Finansoft