[Mono-list] Apache 2, Debian (unstable), mod_mono

benjamin van der veen bvanderveen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 00:00:38 EDT 2005

Hello Tom,

I was able to install mod_mono under Debian 3.1 and apache2. This was
a great starting point:


I recommend doing:

$ ./configure --with-debug

...that was an asset when trying to make my apache2 configuration work
correctly (prints lots of information in your apache error log).

Chances are you will need to set other options, like the path to apxs2
-- the configure script complained about this and it took me ages to
sort it out. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what I did to
make it work.

Ironically, I'm currently in the process of recompiling mod_mono
without debug enabled, because I have it working and I don't want it
clogging my logs. The problem is, and as I mentioned earlier, I don't
remember what other options I set to get it to compile!

My advice is this: compile --with-debug the first time and write down
the other options you use. (When you get apache to play nice with it,
recompile without the debug flag.)

Hope this helps,
benjamin j. van der veen

On 6/29/05, Tom Opgenorth <opgenorth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there.  I'm wondering if anybody here has some tips on installing
> mod_mono on Debian (unstable) with Apache 2?  It looks to me like
> mod_mono is only for Apache 1.x?  Or am I wrong?
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