[Mono-list] IDEs, Visual Studio and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Jun 29 12:13:36 EDT 2005


    Just to complement some of the postings on this thread:

> Management would like us to use Visual Studio. VS confuses me greatly. The 
> 'Standard'  C# edition is about £90 whilst the Developer edition is £1500. 

There is an "Express" edition that will do ASP.NET, this might be a good
choice to start

> I guess I'm just looking for some sage advice on how a 5-developer operation 
> with source control might work re: a Mono backend.. are there any things I 
> need to bear in mind e.g. with a dev working on code and ASP.NET execution on 
> localhost, and then submitting to CVS / SVN ? If it works on their local 
> machine, should it work with Mono?

What I do is I create an ASP.NET project, and then I turn the directory
where ASP.NET places the files (somewhere in inetpub) into a Windows
share that I mount from Linux using the cifs file system.

This means that Linux will be reading the same files that Visual Studio
will be creating without copying files back and forth.  Then I just
point the web browser at the Linux box.

> What about database connections (we're using MySQL of course..) - is the C# 
> code likely to be identical whether run on MS's .NET SDK or Mono?

Yes, if you are using MySQL, the code will be the same on both ends.

MySQL now has a commercially supported version of their database
connector in addition to the old connector that Mono has.


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