[Mono-list] New to GTK#. where to start?

Jayme jayme.edwards at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 13:24:02 EDT 2005

Check out the source code for the Gtk# demo that comes with Mono 1.1.8. Good 

C:\Program Files\Mono-1.1.8\samples\GtkDemo
C:\Program Files\Mono-1.1.8\samples\GtkSharp-2.0

(where C:\Program Files is the folder Mono was installed below)


On 6/28/05, Kevin White <jedirunner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, well I'm familiar enough with c#, but have done mostly winforms
> programming on windows. I'd like to get into gtk#, but don't know
> where to start. Assume I've never done GTK programming in any
> language (almost true).
> Where would you send a new-to-gtk programmer who wants to do it in c#
> without knowing the c-based GTK api?
> Is there a good web site reference for the entire library?
> Is there a tutorial-based site with articles on using the library?
> Thanks!
> Kevin
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