[Mono-list] MSSQL from Linux using Mono - Error

Daniel Waterbly dwaterbly at msn.com
Fri Jun 24 15:23:32 EDT 2005


    Okay, I was able to connect to the msssql server once from my linux box 
today.  What I did was reset my router and then logged in to my linux box 
typed 'mono sql.exe' and viola, it worked.  However, every time after it it 

    So in regards to the problem, I do now know that it is indeed a network 
problem.  I expirence the same type of error 'invalid argument' when 
browsing with links.  Also, "firefox" fails to even pull up some websites as 
well, and I believe the problem is the same as the links problem and this 
mono mssql problem.

    I know this is not the group for it, but has anyone had problems like 
this before?  I have searched all over the internet and have come up empty.


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