[Mono-list] mod_mono Web Service Problem

Adrian Dinu adrian.dinu at dreamsoftware.ro
Thu Jun 23 06:10:12 EDT 2005


I've got a huge problem with Web Services under mod_mono right now.

I have updated mono to 1.1.8 and subsequently to and both give
me the same problem.

Basically, if I try to run a WebMethod using the WsdlHelpGenerator page,
the page stalls for a long time and in the end throws the error: Thread
Was being aborted. A .NET Client is able to connect to the Web Service
and call the WebMethods so I'm guessing the problem is in the WebService
client implementation in Mono.

Looking at the error_log in apache I see:

Unhandled Exception: System.Net.WebException: Read error
in <0x00350> System.Net.WebConnection:EndRead (IAsyncResult result)
in <0x000ac> System.Net.WebConnectionStream:EndRead (IAsyncResult r)

Can anyone help me with this?


Gentoo Linux

xsp + mod_mono 1.0.9
apache 2.0.54

I would like to mention also that it used to work under mono 1.1.7


Adrian Dinu
Technical Manager
Dream Team Software
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