[Mono-list] Using SQLite, Mono and Monodevelop

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro-bottoni at libero.it
Wed Jun 22 10:22:04 EDT 2005

I'm trying to use monodevelop 0.7, mono on a Debian 3.1 (brought to 
the latest stable version available on debian.meebey.net by apt-get) for 
building a small DB-based application with SQLite n3.2.1.

I have a few questions:
-  Why I have just Windows DLLs in my /usr/lib/mono/gac/Mono.Data.SqliteClient 
directory? Shouldn't I have a few .SO Linux libraries as well?

- Do I have to install the .SO Linux libraries by hand? Which version? I'm 
unable to identify the version of SQLite used to create the existing DLL.

- Where is the test suite mentioned by the SQLite docu at 
www.go-mono.com/sqlite.html? It should be in 
mcs/class/Mono.Data.SqliteTest/Test but I'm unable to find this directory on 
my machine.

In short: is it available any (up-to-date and reliable) tutorial about setting 
up the system and developing a small SQLite+Mono application?

Many thanks for your attention
Alessandro Bottoni

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