[Mono-list] mono-1.1.8 dependency failure - libsqlite.so.0

Chris van Wyk chris at jib.co.za
Wed Jun 22 04:11:41 EDT 2005

> > I've just updated to mono-1.1.8 on FC3 using yum and got a failed
> dependency -
> > libsqlite.so.0 is needed by mono-data-sqlite - which wasn't thrown up by
> > mono-1.1.7  If I remove mono-data-sqlite and do the update, the rest of
> the
> > packages install OK, but mono-data-sqlite seems to be needed by
> monodevelop.
> > Could anyone point me to which package this library is in?
> It is in DAG's repo.
> -- Ben

I'm also missing libsqlite.so.0 (FC3 86_x64) so I've installed from DAG, but
the lib now resides in lib64. Will a sym link in lib from lib64 work. Or
should I wait for an 86_x64 version for FC3?


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