[Mono-list] Building a cross-platform networked client on Mono...

Kirk Marple kirk-public at agnostic-media.com
Mon Jun 20 20:50:18 EDT 2005

i have a need to build a new client application, which does basically four
things... talks via Windows Sockets (async i/o) to a remote server over both
TCP and UDP, does file I/O, exposes UI for picking files on the client and
showing log/status messages, and it does interop to a native 3rd party DLL
for some custom data processing.   
Today, i'm looking at using .NET 2.0/C#/WinForms for this on Windows, but i
want to make it cross-platform for Linux and Mac OS X.
Can anyone please confirm the state of Mono today w.r.t. these features?
Should it be doable to have a (rather simple) networked client, using async
socket i/o, and doing interop, and have the same code base work x-platform?
Also, I'm not wedded to WinForms, and would be fine with something else
(Gtk#) if it's similar and easy to use.
Should I be using Mono 1.1.8 to start with?   What's the easiest development
approach (given that we're a Windows dev house today)?   Dev on Windows,
test on Mac/Linux?   Dev on Linux or Mac?
Any help/advisement would be much appreciated!
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