[Mono-list] MySql 1.1.7 problem also under 1.1.8

Kevin Flanagan kevin.flanagan at bom.co.uk
Mon Jun 20 18:43:14 EDT 2005

Aha - right, yes, having done the trick with OLD_PASSWORD, I can get the
ByteFX driver to work fine. So I switched the app to use that, rather than
the one from MySql, and the app now works fine with Mono 1.1.8 under XP. So
thank you, Martin, Bill and Dilton. I'm a bit twitchy about deploying
something that's called 'unsupported' rather than the 'official' one ... but
hey, with a bit of luck the 'official' one will work under Mono again soon
(in fact, now that 1.1.8 has got a DevStudio solution for building Mono on
Windows, I might even try to figure out what the problem is myself).

Thanks all.

Kevin Flanagan.

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Kevin Flanagan wrote:

>Hello Martin - I have now tried the ByteFX driver (thanks for the
>suggestion), but it gives me a different error: "Client does not support
>authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL
>client". Given that it all runs ok with Mono 1.1.4 (or the MS .NET
>I think that must be a red herring. Thanks for the input though.
There are a couple of workarounds to the authentication problem when
using ByteFX, see:


I had the same problem with the default mysql driver running against
Mysql 4.1.10, it seems to want either 4.0 or 5.x.

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