[Mono-list] Npgsql.dll

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Mon Jun 20 04:13:15 EDT 2005

> Here's my parameterized function:
> 	CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION getsenators(text)
> 		RETURNS SETOF senators AS
> 		'
> 			input ALIAS FOR $1;
> 			r senators%rowtype;
> 			FOR r IN SELECT s_fname,s_lname,s_email 
> FROM senate_members WHERE s_party=input LOOP
> 				RETURN NEXT r;
> 			END LOOP;
> 			RETURN;
> 		END
> 		'
> When I type SELECT * FROM getsenators('D') I get the correct 
> set of records.
> I'm not even sure why it wasn't working before or what I did 
> to fix it, but I now have working examples I can copy and use 
> as templates.

Your previous select (that didn't work) had " instead if '. Unsure if that
was a typo - but the error message looks to confirm the fact that double
quotes were used.


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