[Mono-list] A compiler bug?

amartinez at atc.ugr.es amartinez at atc.ugr.es
Sun Jun 19 03:38:36 EDT 2005


Look for the comma ',' inserted in the code I append
(just next "cad1.Equals(cad2) +" in the seventh line).
I think it should be a parser error, shouldn't be? But the compiler
doesn't complain at all. The result with the comma is:


and without the comma


I have probed this with mcs 1.1.8 and gmcs 1.1.5. The same output.

using System;
class X {
	static void Main () {
		string cad1 = "hello1";
		string cad2 = "bye";
		string cad3 = "hello1";
		Console.WriteLine (cad1.Equals(cad2) + ",", + cad2.Equals(cad3) + "," +

Thank you!
Antonio Martínez

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