[Mono-list] How about Mono interoperability with Mozilla/XPCOM and KDE/DCOP?

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro-bottoni at libero.it
Fri Jun 17 02:52:13 EDT 2005

I'm working on a small scheduling app for PSA (Professional Service Agencies) 
and I'm trying to use Mono (MonoDevelop) for developing it (This is my first 
attempt to use Mono...). 

My small app should be able to exchange event-related information with a 
calendar application that is able to run both on Win32 and Linux (and MacOX, 
if possible), like Mozilla Sunbird or, maybe, KDE KOrganizer.

Of course, this can be done by passing back and forth a simple iCal file but  
I wonder if it is possible to use Mono for this task. It would be cool to 
remote-control Sunbird or KOrganizer from within a Mono app via some kind of 
cross-platform IPC. Moreover, this "feature" would have a lot of new and 
interesting applications.

I read that  Mike Shaver 
(http://off.net/~shaver/diary/archives/cat_mozilla.html) is working on a 
Mono/XPCOM bridge since 2004 and that other people is working on a KDE - Mono 
integration since 2002.

As long as I can see, the KDE/Mono integration is a C# Language binding for 
the Qt Library so, most likely, it is not what I'm looking for (I'm not 
interested in using Qt# within my app. GTK# is fine for me.). Searching the 
Net, I was unable to find anything like a Mono/DCOP bridge.

Mike Shaver's Mono/XPCOM, instead, seems to be a real bridge between Mono and 
Mozilla (and it seems to be completely different from the existing Gecko 
namespace of Mono). It would be very interesting but I did not find any 
documentation about it (put aside the source code). It is just mentioned on a 
couple of blogs.

Does anybody know more about these tools? Where I can find docu and /or 
articles? And code examples?
Did anybody try to use these tools? 
Does anybody know of other tools of this kind?
Any suggestion? Any comment?

Alessandro Bottoni

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