[Mono-list] Installing Mono on Fedora Core 4

Nick Berardi nberardi at zigamorph.com
Wed Jun 15 15:25:48 EDT 2005

Anybody have a good "how to" on installing Mono/XSP/mod_mono on a clean
install of Fedora Core 4?  Does it come packaged in FC4?  I have never used
Mono out side of the Windows environment and I am pretty new to Linux.  A
large client of my companies is looking to migrate to Mono from there old
server side include infrastructure.  So any help would be much appreciated.
I will announce the company after the project is completed, but this is a
huge up and coming company in a big market right now.  I can't really say
much but they are number 2 in their market as of their most recent buy outs.


Please send anything that you think may help.  Also I did go though the
Mod_Mono wiki post on mono-project.com and that didn't really help me in
getting the files actually installed and Mono up and running.  If possible I
would like a quick start to finish guide.





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