[Mono-list] Re: XSP: Session loosed when something is changed in the application bin's folder

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 15 13:17:34 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 18:45 +0200, Fabien Meghazi wrote:
> > Have a look at
> > 
> >         man asp-state
> Could you point me to another source of information about this ?
> I can't find anything usefull about that.

To have a picture of how session-state is preserved, first see:

	ASP.NET Session State FAQ
	By Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D.

What the article says about StateServer (implemented in .NET by
aspnet_state.exe) should apply for asp-state.exe that is our

As you are having problems to read man pages in windows (you need cygwin
correctly configured/installed and 'make install' from xsp sources to
have it), I will tell you that "man asp-state" returns something like:

       asp-state is an out of process ASP.NET session state server.

       asp-state allows you to have session data saved out of process
and/or on a separate computer.

       To use the asp-state server just modify your web.config file to
use the state server:

       <sessionState mode="StateServer"
                     stateNetworkTimeout="number of seconds"/>

       And run asp-state

asp-state.exe is built from sources on xsp/tools/asp_state/ and should
be available in your xsp installer for windows.

Hope it helps,

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