[Mono-list] XSP: Session loosed when something is changed in the application bin's folder

Fabien Meghazi amigrave at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 08:55:52 EDT 2005

Hi all,

There's somthing I don't understand (well in fact there is a lot of
things I don't understand in life, but let's focus on this one :-)  :

I've got a little test page running on Mono XSP.
When something is changed in the bin folder, the client sessions are
destroyed and I don't know how to avoid that (except using sessions
linked to a database but I don't want to do that). Explanation below :

Here's the aspx test page I used :

<%@ Page language="C#" Debug="true"%>
if (HttpContext.Current.Session["testing"] == null) {
	Response.Write("Session variable is NULL<br/>Setting session variable to 1");
	HttpContext.Current.Session["testing"] = 1;
} else {
	Response.Write("Session variable is " +

First time the client request the page, the message : """Session
variable is NULL
Setting session variable to 1""" is displayed, then, as soon as the
session will be alive, the message should be """Session variable is

It's working ok. But when a file is copied, changed or deleted from
the bin folder, the session is loosed.

I know that the bin folder is tracked so the web server knows if it
should recompile pages that uses dll inside, but I don't understand
why session is loosed. Is there a way to avoid this ?

PS: I also tried under .NET and IIS and the behaviour was the same. So
I guess it is and intended behaviour but I want to avoid this.

Fabien Meghazi

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