[Mono-list] Announce - SWIG-1.3.25

William S Fulton wsf at fultondesigns.co.uk
Mon Jun 13 16:31:44 EDT 2005

This version of SWIG has focused mainly on the C# wrapper code 
generation and is fully tested on Mono. The complete release announcement...

*** ANNOUNCE: SWIG 1.3.25 (June 11, 2005) ***


We're pleased to announce SWIG-1.3.25, the latest installment in the
SWIG development effort.  SWIG-1.3.25 includes a number of bug fixes
and large number of enhancements throughout.

What is SWIG?
SWIG is a software development tool that reads C/C++ header files and
generates the wrapper code needed to make C and C++ code accessible
from other languages including Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby, PHP, Java,
Guile, MzScheme, Ocaml, Chicken Scheme, C#, and Allegro Common Lisp.
Major applications of SWIG include generation of scripting language
extension modules, rapid prototyping, testing, and user interface
development for large C/C++ systems.

The release is available for download on Sourceforge at


Within the next day, a Windows version will also be made available at


What's New?

SWIG-1.3.25 summary:
- Improved runtime type system.  Speed of module loading improved in
   modules with lots of types.  SWIG_RUNTIME_VERSION has been increased
   from 1 to 2, but the API is exactly the same; only internal changes
   were made.
- The languages that use the runtime type system now support external
   access to the runtime type system.
- Various improvements with typemaps and template handling.
- Fewer warnings in generated code.
- Improved colour documentation.
- Many C# module improvements (exception handling, prevention of early
   garbage collection, C# attributes support added, more flexible type
   marshalling/asymmetric types.)
- Minor improvements and bug fixes specific to the C#, Java, TCL, Guile,
   Chicken, MzScheme, Perl, Php, Python, Ruby and Ocaml modules).
- Various other bug fixes and memory leak fixes.

Release numbers
With SWIG-1.3, we are adopting an odd/even version numbering scheme for
SWIG.  Odd version numbers (1.3, 1.5, 1.7, etc...) are considered to
be development releases.  Even numbers (1.4,1.6,1.8) are stable
releases.  The current 1.3 effort is working to produce a stable 2.0
release.  A stable 2.0 release will not be made until it can
accompanied by fully updated documentation.  In the meantime, we will
continue to make periodic 1.3.x releases.

We need your help!
Even if you are perfectly happy with SWIG-1.1, we can still use your
feedback.  First, we like to know about compilation problems and other
issues concerning the building of SWIG.  Second, if SWIG-1.3 is unable
to compile your old interface files, we would like to get information
about the features you are using.  This information will help us find
bugs in the SWIG-1.3 release, develop techniques for supporting
backwards compatibility, and write documentation that addresses
specific issues related to migrating from SWIG-1.1 to SWIG-1.3.

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to work on various
aspects of SWIG development.  SWIG is an unfunded project that would
not exist without volunteers.  We are also looking for the developers
of other SWIG language modules.  If you have developed a SWIG module
and would like to see it incorporated into the new release, please
contact us to obtain SWIG-CVS access.  We are also more than willing
to help port your module from SWIG-1.1 to SWIG-1.3.  Please send email
to beazley at cs.uchicago.edu for further information.

Please report problems with this release to the swig-dev mailing list,
details at http://www.swig.org/mail.html.

--- The SWIG Developers

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