[Mono-list] Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: libgobject-2.0-0.dll

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr at terra.com.br
Mon Jun 13 08:56:39 EDT 2005

Hi Enzo,

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On Sat, 2005-06-11 at 21:42 +0200, enzo wrote:
> I'm trying to use monodevelop 0.71 ( with mono 1.1 ) on fedora core 3
> when I run it I get the error Unhandled Exception: 
> System.DllNotFoundException: libgobject-2.0-0.dll
> Do you have some suggestion about this problem ?
> regards , Enzo
> [enzo at enzo5 ~]$  export MONO_PATH=/usr/lib:/usr/lib/mono/gtk-sharp
> [enzo at enzo5 ~]$ monodevelop
> Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: libgobject-2.0-0.dll
> in (wrapper managed-to-native) Gnome.Program:g_type_init ()
> in <0x000c5> Gnome.Program:.ctor (System.String app_id, System.String 
> app_version, ModuleInfo module, System.String[] argv, System.Object[] props)
> in <0x004c1> MonoDevelop.SharpDevelopMain:Main (System.String[] args)

Seems that you are missing the gnome-sharp.dll.config file that MUST be
installed in the same place that gnome-sharp.dll (normally in the GAC,
so you'd have some file like /usr/lib/mono/gac/gnome-

If the config file is lacking the runtime will look for a
libgobject-2.0-0.dll instead of libgobject-2.0-0.so as is needed in

It sure looks like you didn't install GTK# correctly...

HIH, :)

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