[Mono-list] Funny problem with the Mandrake 10.1 RPMs of Mono

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro-bottoni at libero.it
Mon Jun 13 05:17:44 EDT 2005

This morning I spent a couple of hours trying to install Mono (and MonoDevelop 
+ GTK# + Glade# + MonoDoc) on my Mandrake 10.1.

After having installed the following packages:


and a few other , I'm still getting the following error message from RPMDrake 
(and URPMI):

Some package cannot be installed:
mono-1.0.4-1mdk.i586 (because it is not available 
mono(System.Data)[== 1.0.5000.0])

I tried with the older mono-1.0.2 and I have got a sligtly different error 

Some package cannot be installed:
mono-1.0.2-1mdk.i586 (because it is not available 
mono(Mono.Security)[== 1.0.5000.0])

How can I install Mono if it requires Mono itself as a pre-requisite? :-)

[All packages have been taken from the swiss mirror SWITCH (mirror.switch.ch) 
of the Mandrake repository passing through the search engine offered by 
rpm.pbone.net. All of them have correct MD5 signs]

Thanks for your attention.

Alessandro Bottoni

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