[Mono-list] ClickOnce?

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 8 09:22:09 EDT 2005

> From: Sébastien Pouliot
> Well that's really not saying much. Anything will be "safer with CAS" but
> will work if the CAS methods are stubbed (including applets hosted in a
> web
> browser). The real question is: does it make sense without it ?

I just wanted to explain that Click Once is not depending on CAS. It is a
deployment infrastructure that can be made safer with CAS.

> Who's gonna honor that request ?
> the security manager

It has to be the user through a message box for example or a configuration
file that describes some rules on full trust.

> If/when we plan to support ClickOnce in Mono it must be because the
> end-result will be useful to most users and meet their "normal"
> expectations
> (the keyword is _support_ here) and won't be limited to a stubbing job
> ;-).

Click one is something like an installer it can be implemented without CAS.
But it's better to use security classes in the code to take advantage of CAS
when it will be available.


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