[Mono-list] ClickOnce?

Martin Hinks mhinks at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 06:54:13 EDT 2005

Ah, ok - thanks Kornel - so basically NTD is handled by the IDE
whereas Click Once is a feature of the Runtime.

In that case - in answer to the original question: if its in .NET 2.0
it should be implemented in Mono (although I'm not volunteering atm! -
Maybe you'd like to do it Dave...?)

Not sure what Mono's CAS handling is like atm anyway...


On 6/8/05, Kornél Pál <kornelpal at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > From: Martin Hinks
> > Is "Click Once" not just an IDE feature for NTD as opposed to
> > something that Mono itself can implement?
> I searched "Click Once" and "No Touch" on msdn.microsoft.com and I think "No
> Touch" deployment only means that an application is executed form an URL,
> the runtime dowloads all its referenced assemblies and executed in a low
> privileged environment.
> "Click Once" however seems to be an istallation mechanism built into .NET
> Framework that can request full trust and will leave the installed
> application on the client computer but can be installed on a per user basis
> and no administrative privileges are required.
> Visual Studio .NET has a deployment wizard that helps deployment using these
> technologies but they have XML based configuration files and deployment
> packages can be copied to web servers without any wizard.
> Kornél
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