[Mono-list] System.Net.FtpWebRequest Development

Martin Hinks mhinks at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 13:42:33 EDT 2005

Hi all - my first post to Mono lists!

After checking the class status pages I noticed that compared to FX
2.0 there has been no work done on the System.Net.FtpWebRequest.

I have started to develop this now and had a few q's:

1.) At what stage should I post my current progress? Should I post
bits of it to the list as they get written or wait until I have a
fairly solid implementation.

2.) Has anyone had any luck with FTPS using X509 certs? I have an
implementation that seems to work in about 1/2 of the FTPs I tried it
on - Sebastien said that I was probably doing something wrong with the

3.) Anyone else interested in working on this class or shall I go it
alone for now?

Thanks, hope I can help with Mono - amazing work so far!


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