[Mono-list] DNFS v1.0.0 beta

Elliott Draper el at eldiablo.co.uk
Thu Jun 2 21:36:36 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

I have released the first (beta) version of DNFS, a simple command line utility that acts as an object browser for .Net/Mono assemblies.

It is available from:

It is lightheartedly called DotNetFileSystem, because you simply run the app against an assembly, and you get a simple shell, allowing you to use familiar commands such as "ls", "dir" and "cd" to browse the assembly. You can navigate through namespaces, classes, down to method level accurately at the minute. It's a useful tool where a full blown GUI object browser isn't an option, and where simplicity, speed of use is key :-) I do have a few plans for improvements/additions, but largely the simplicity will always remain as that is really the main point of this tool.

Any comments, suggestions, contributions will be welcomed,

-= El =-

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