[Mono-list] RE: Mono-list Digest, Vol 2, Issue 2

Orin Walker Orin.Walker at datamaxx.com
Thu Jun 2 09:48:11 EDT 2005

Can someone please advise me how to get monodevelop installed. I am running SuSe 9.1 personal. I have downloaded red-carpet but I'm unable to find a Mono channel listed. I've downloaded the installer (mono-1.1.7-1-installer.bin) but when I run it nothing happens. I have tried running the installer in both the GTK graphics mode and the xwindow mode. I installed mono-complete using apt but I don't find monodevelop listed there either. I have also searched using YaST but once again, I can't find it. I have all of the rpms downloaded but there are dependencies that cannot be resolved since rpm cannot resolve them using the rpms that are downloaded from the mono-project website (rpm -Uvh *.rpm).

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Orin Walker
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