[Mono-list] new to mono Need help configuring - slackware 10solution.

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Sun Jul 31 14:31:07 EDT 2005

> As root on slackware 10.0
> The mono- generic binary install defaulted to /opt, this might 
> have worked fine.
> The .bashrc file did not work (very strange xml code).
> I ended up uninstalling mono and re-installing to /usr/local/
> I edited my .bashrc to have the following code.
> export 
> export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mono-
> I edited my path in /etc/profile 
> (/usr/local/mono- and now 
> it works fine.
> /etc/profile might be the place to have the .bashrc export 
> code also???

As far as I know, /etc/profile only affects users created since the
modification of /etc/profile.

Installing to /usr/local will always work, as /usr/local is already in your

If, as you say, you have installed in /usr/local, then there is no need to
have anything in your .bashrc mentioning /opt/mono-$version, as nothing is
installed there!


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