[Mono-list] Mono and Win32 fibers

Bruce Wilkie bruce at bwilkie.com
Fri Jul 29 09:54:35 EDT 2005

I have my appliction hosting the MS CLR and running
fibers.  Works fine.  I simply use threads when I need
managed debugging - VS.NET can't debug across the COM
call to make the MS CLR aware of the fiber switch
(both 2003 and 2005).  Of course, the performance
benefit of threads is noticable - simply switching
between 800 threads takes ~8ms on a 3+Ghz cpu, while
the same number of fibers only take ~1ms.

I'm guessing the TLS that Mono uses is what's getting
confused.  Debugging against the interp stuff, I'm
close to narrowing down exactly what's breaking.  I
was just hoping someone in the community had already
done it.  =)

On a related note - if I could swap out the managed
stack / execution point, and later swap that back in -
that would be another way to go.  This is just to get
LUA-like coroutines - I'll never need to fiber native


--- "Chad Z. Hower" <chad-jm at hower.org> wrote:

> :: It's unlikely to ever work.  Please read the
> "Dire warnings about
> :: fibers" section at:
> A bit off topic - but I've done a lot of work with
> Fibers. Delphi supports
> fibers just fine using the Indy library. The VCL
> (Kind of like STL / FCL for
> Delphi) had 1-2 items, but appropriate hooks allows
> Indy to handle them.
> I've looked at making it work in .NET and have had
> some reasonable success,
> but the biggest problem is debugging them. VS gets
> really confused... Mind
> you the Delphi debugger can be interesting to use
> with fibers too, but it
> does work and you can even tell what fiber you are
> in with some
> "extensions".
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