[Mono-list] new to mono Need help configuring

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Fri Jul 29 06:21:42 EDT 2005

> Hi,
> > > Yep. By default, it will install to /usr/local unless you 
> change it 
> > > to /usr using --prefix=
> > 
> > The installer bundle will install to /opt/mono-
> Ouch! Who thought that would be a good idea? I can perhaps 
> understand it for the developers branch, but not for the main 
> branch. None of the linux distros I know of look into /opt 
> for binaries or libraries and it would therefore be somewhat 
> confusing to those new to mono.

Works for me. Also [1]:

"/opt : Add-on application software packages

/opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application software

A package to be installed in /opt must locate its static files in a separate
/opt/<package> or /opt/<provider> directory tree, where <package> is a name
that describes the software package and <provider> is the provider's LANANA
registered name."

Of course this is for a root install. If you install it as user, it will
(IIRC) default to ~/mono-$version. You always have the choice of spec'ing
where it goes.

I think the only catch is the path. If it's a user install - fine, the
bashrc path is updated, and its only user using it. The root install
requires you to update your own path/add the path details to the
/etc/profile or whatever.

As the versions seem to be ticking over quite quickly, I have symlinked
/opt/mono to /opt/mono-$version, so I can install whatever version without
having to change details (i.e. virtual host details in apache). Path details
point to /opt/mono too.

Glad to see that the release does the Man Path update too. 



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