[Mono-list] ASP.NET precompilation

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 07:07:40 EDT 2005

> From: Chris Aitken
> Miguel - I've just read your blog entry [1]. Very interesting.
> Quote: "This patch is not very interesting anymore as ASP.NET 2.x allows
> for
> websites to be deployed by precompiling the whole site and copying the
> resulting DLL."

Of course all the old 1.x deploying techniques can be used in 2.z. using
inline code or using Visual Studio to create a DLL, but the new ones may be
better for developers because no server side compilation needed and protects
your source code as well.

> I thought you could do this under ASP.NET 1.x?

Of course 1.x can use DLLs but it creates classes in a DLL that inherit from
System.Web.UI.Page and that classes are used as the base classes of the
class created from the .aspx file on the server. This means that you have to
include your .aspx file and it can be modified. You can modify HTML code,
server side controls and you can add inline code.

In 2.x the new thing is that you can compile your .aspx files into a DLL and
the content of .aspx files cannot be seen on the production server nor can
it be extended.

There is a new tool called aspnet_compiler.exe:

(I don't wanted to be technically correct and talk about all features of
ASP.NET I just tried to show the difference regarding aspnet_compiler.exe)


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