[Mono-list] remoting lease timeout issues

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Jul 25 03:43:02 EDT 2005

> (snip)
> I have several object this sponsor is atached to, sometimes i get the
> "Renewing Lease" message for all the objects, and sometimes i don't. I
> always get at least 1

Do you have a test case for this? You should take into account that
every time a call is made to an object the lease is automatically

> Also, some object that i use have actually been registered as
> services, some have not. For example object a has been registered to
> url tcp://somhost/object, however object a is just used to access
> object b, with is not directly register. So object b is accesed via
> object a (object b = a.getobjectb). Don't know if this matters.

Doesn't matter as long as you register the sponsor for object b as well.

> Any ideas?
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