[Mono-list] Named Mutexes - Bug?

Ralph Mason rm.monolist at telogis.com
Wed Jul 20 19:57:16 EDT 2005

In My windows applications I used a named mutex to check for a single 
eg in Main

 string  appName="My App"
 bool createdNew=false;
 //Instance protect is a static member of the app class
 InstanceProtect =new Mutex(true,appName,out createdNew);

   if ( ! createdNew ){
               Console.WriteLine("Instance of {0} already 
                return ;

Under mono the first time this runs it's ok, after that the mutex always 
lives (even when no instances  (even after the first application is 
dead), So you can basically only start the app once.

Is mono failing to clean up?


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