[Mono-list] Visual Studio Integration

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Tue Jul 19 06:11:17 EDT 2005

Milen Dzhumerov wrote:

> Hi list,
> I've been recently playing with Mono on Windows and didn't find any 
> guide how to integrate it with Visual Studio .NET 2003. I'm okay with 
> the cmd tools, but it would be great if I get just select "Build 
> Solution" and instead of using csc, VS.NET could use mcs. Is it 
> possible? I did google a bit but couldn't find anything relevant. Any 
> hints are greatly appreciated.
There is some functionality that can be obtained by using the Prj2make 
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Add-in (vsprj2make) that can be obtained here:

You probably want to add the Mono Runtime selector to your system.  This 
application also known as monolaunch can also enhanced your development 
experience while in Windows by creating some drop targets in your 
desktop and making it easy to work with multiple versions of the Mono 
installer for windows installed in your machine.  You can find the Mono 
Runtime Selector (monolaunch) here:


Finally, you could do some programming with the Gtk# SDK for  MS .NET 
Framework which does have greater level of integration with Visual 
Studio .NET 2003.  This kit will create C# project templates for Glade# 
and Gtk# applications as well as a project template for VB.NET.  You can 
find the appropriate installers here:

Hope this helps


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