[Mono-list] Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] Dos window - when launch app onWin32 OS - how to remove it ?

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Fri Jul 15 04:59:46 EDT 2005

> > > I just started using GTK# with mono and was happy that a small 
> > > little app worked on my linux OS.
> > > I moved it to Win2000 and ran it (after installing gtk# 
> runtime) and 
> > > it works!!! but it brings up a dos window (cmd window?) 
> as well as 
> > > my GUI window.
> > > I don't use Windows to often, but i have to check to make 
> sure what 
> > > I create in mono/gtk# that I run on Linux, will run on Windows ...
> > > I remember something about setting an app to run via console in a 
> > > older Win OS but I don't see that as an option under 
> properties on 
> > > Win2000 (on the app icon on desktop), so is the cmd 
> console coming 
> > > up by default via gtk#/mono? and if so, how can i get rid 
> of it? I 
> > > thought it might be coming up as a result of some 
> Console.write's so 
> > > i nuked them, so nothing is going out to STDOUT, but it 
> didn't change it, the cmd console still pops up in addition 
> to my GUI app.
> > > Anyone know how to stop this?
> > 
> > 
> > build your executable with /target:winexe instead of /target:exe
> Todd, 
> Maybe I'm wrong but on windows installation it isn't posible 
> to disable dos command box while starting mono application.
> Even setting /target:winexe. On Linux station, this works 
> ---well actually on linux station a console never is showed 
> while starting any
> application--- but on windows, /target option only disables 
> that the dos box opened doesn't write out info to the 
> console. However it keeps on getting showed.
> It would be great to ear someone who have managed to disable 
> this dos box on windows platforms.

I have run a simple S.W.F hello.cs (code at bottom).

If compiled in Linux as

$mcs hello.cs -target:winexe -r:System,System.Windows.Forms,System.Drawing

I do not get a dos window open. If I leave off the -target, the window
appears. Obviously this isnt gtk#, but it shows that the -target:winexe
works to some extent.


// Hello, SWF!

// This application will produce a window 250x250 pixels in size
// It will display "My first System.Windows.Forms application(TM)" centered
in it

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace MWFTestApplication {
        class MainWindow : System.Windows.Forms.Form {
                public MainWindow() {
                        Label label;

                        ClientSize = new System.Drawing.Size (250, 250);

                        label = new Label();
                        label.Text = "My first System.Windows.Forms
                        label.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
                        label.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter;
                        Text = "Hello, System.Windows.Forms";


                public static void Main(string[] args) {
                        Application.Run(new MainWindow());

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