[Mono-list] Multiple Website w/ Same Mono Instance

Nick Berardi nberardi at zigamorph.com
Thu Jul 14 10:02:21 EDT 2005

Hi Everybody,

I am running 3 websites (production, test, and development) on one server
and I am running into a problem where Mod_Mono is using the instance of the
last Mono instance that was restarted for all the web sites.  Of course the
development instance has a different Web.Config than the other two so I am
unable to do development on the machine.

Is there a way to get mono to use a different config files for each of the
sites?  Would signing them differently for each instance help any?  Is there
something I can put in the Apache 1.3 config file or in the mod-mono-server
config file?  I am really stuck because this is probably just one of those
Unix differences from Windows that we hear about so much.

Any help from you guys would be wonderful.


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