[Mono-list] is it possible to make C# wrapper for Xfce libraries ?

Joeri Belis joeri.belis at nollekens.be
Thu Jul 14 04:11:57 EDT 2005


 I agree. But the point is that XFCE extents GTK+. But Gtk# does not have
 these extra's.

 I thought there is an API to XFCE. That is now in C++. But woult be great
 it was available in C#.

 What you suggest is to rewrite the XFCE libs in C#.

> > I don't think this would be a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, at the
> > moment the XFCE libraries are just wrappers around GTK+ so you'll be
> > wrapping a wrapper, thus creating additional wrappers which I don't see
> > any point in. You can just use Gtk# and all your applications will be
> > able to extend your Xfce desktop. Secondly, AFAIK you can wrap only C
> > code, not C++.
> >

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