[Mono-list] Building / Embedding Mono on Win32

Bruce Wilkie bruce at bwilkie.com
Mon Jul 11 23:02:05 EDT 2005

Hello all.

I'm looking into the idea of using Mono as an embedded
scripting language for an application my team is
working on.  Currently, we're using MS.NET v1.1, which
is all working great.  But, we'd like to look at other
options besides MS.NET - plus, not shut the door on
cross platform.

We're using VS.NET2003, and would like to keep using
it - all our primary development would be on WinXP.

My first attempt was to embed Mono, via the tutorial
on the Mono site, using the Win32 install.  As I
didn't have any .libs to link against, I then tried to
build Mono from the VS.NET solution from svn.  This
however doesn't build.

after looking thru the makefile, I've used bison to
get monoburg going, and monoburg to inssel.c /
inssel.h, and genmdesc to get cpu-pentium.h.

libmono builds / links after that.

however, mono *still* didn't build.  I had to edit the
VSDependancies\include\config.h file and #define
that to get rid of the link errors that resulted from
not having any GC.

i'm finally left with 4 link errors:
mono_local_regalloc ref in mono_arch_local_regalloc
mono_magic_trampoline ref in
mono_aot_trampoline ref in
mono_class_init_trampoline ref in

also, the Embedded Samples, Libraries, and Tools
projects all don't load in that solution - because
they seem to have no project associated with them.

Anyway, does someone have pointers here?  Ideally, I'd
like a Win32 solution I can build that will give me
Mono .lib files, which I can link against (static or
.DLL, static is prolly better) to embed Mono into
another native Win32 application.  i really, really
don't want to use cygwin / gcc.  i'm not unix / linux


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