[Mono-list] Cross-Browser Session Mixing

David P. Donahue ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Jul 10 20:06:46 EDT 2005

I figured it wasn't a "bug" but just something I didn't fully 
understand.  The reason I attribute it to the server side, though, is 
that it's mostly evident on my site when session variables 
(HttpContext.Current.Session["variableName"]) get mixed up between the 
two browsers.

David P. Donahue
ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu

Joe Audette wrote:
> Seems like more of a feature than a bug to me.
> 2 browsers opened by the same user will share the same
> cookies. Always has been that way as far as I know. I
> don't think it has anything to do with .NET or any
> server side technology.
> Joe
> --- "David P. Donahue" <ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
>>I've noticed an interesting effect in .NET
>>development where sessions 
>>can get mixed if a single computer has two browsers
>>open to the same 
>>site.  I originally noticed it on CafePress, but now
>>my own site is 
>>exibiting the same behavior.  I wonder if this is
>>something people have 
>>tried to get around before, and what can be done
>>about it.  It's rare 
>>that a user will want to use two simultaneous
>>browsers, but when it 
>>happens it's certainly unexpected behavior from
>>their perspective that 
>>the sessions would mix.  Any ideas?
>>David P. Donahue
>>ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu
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