[Mono-list] CodeBehind-Question

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Fri Jul 8 06:18:40 EDT 2005

Current try to learn Mono and how ASP will work under Mono.


For that I made a small ASP-Project under VS-2003 named "Mono_FirstStep".

Creating an ASPX with just a Label.

In the cs in Method Page_Load assign a Value like lblTest.Text = "Does it


Starting under VS-2003 and it works fine.


In "share/doc/xsp/test/1.1" creating a new Subdirectory "MyFirstSTep" and
copying the Files "Default.aspx" and "Default.aspx.cs". Starting the
XSP-Server and browsing on localhost.8088 shows the Overview and a new Entry


When clicking und "MyFirstStep" and trying to open my small ASP-Page, I got
an Error:


Error parsing a resource required to service this request.

Cannot find type Mono_FirstStep.Default


That, because in the Page-Directive the "Inherits="Mono_FirstStep.Default""
will failed. If I delete that String in the @Page-Direktive the Page will be
shown - but without changing the Label-Text.


Whats wrong?


Regards and TIA

Jan Waiz


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