[Mono-list] IDE suited for Corss Platform Development work

Gyanit Singh gyanit at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 15:15:52 EDT 2005

I cannot just copy libraries compiledin windows to linux, because i am
using perf counters (and other stuff) in the code so in mono they will
give NotImplemented exception so i have to " #if " that code out in
Linux. Rest code is same so i don't think there will be problem with
the serialization and de-serialization of unchanged classes(according
to FAQ on go-mono.com). So i need to work on an IDE. I am guessing
there will be many other ppl facing same kind of problem.

On 7/4/05, Jörg Rosenkranz <joergr at voelcker.com> wrote:
> > But Visual Studio .NET 2003 won't work on linux :(( :(( so i need to
> > use another IDE on linux; which one is the question?
> Do you really need an IDE on Linux? You can run VS on Windows and
> simply deploy the resulting assemblies to Linux. This might be the
> best solution if you're doing cross plattform development.
> Joerg.

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