[Mono-list] IDE suited for Corss Platform Development work

Alexander Olk xenomorph2 at onlinehome.de
Mon Jul 4 15:07:52 EDT 2005

Am Montag, den 04.07.2005, 14:40 -0400 schrieb Gyanit Singh:
> hi all!!
> I should reframe my question.
> Actually i am doing some cross platform development work.. that is
> using .NET in windows and mono-1.1 on linux. Is there any IDE for
> linux which recognizes .sln or .csproj file made by Visual studio
> .NET.  Can any one give some some pointers on cross platform
> development work (for mono and .NET).

Try X-Develop.


Available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

X-Develop reads VS.NET .sln files. 

A few days ago omnicore released a 1.1 preview version with a GUI
designer for System.Windows.Forms, gtk# and java SWIG.

  Alexander Olk

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