[Mono-list] Time out using Npgsql

Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Fri Jul 1 17:40:13 EDT 2005

Both sites have been running perfectly since yesterday, so I have no idea
why the Linux site locks up every now and then.  I added user accounts and
role assignments to the site today, and hooked the application error logging
up to PostgreSQL (it had been using XML files), so there's a tremendous
amount of new functionality using Npgsql now.  It's running smoothly right
now, so I can't imagine what has been causing it to lock up.  Every page in
the site makes data connections to PostgreSQL using Npgsql.

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--- Carl Olsen <carl at carl-olsen.com> escreveu:

> I have set up an identical web site on a Windows 2003 server using the
> database on my Linux box.  The next time the Apache site locks up, I'll
> if the Windows 2003 site is doing the same thing.  Both of them use
> so that may produce more information on where the problem is occurring.

Hi Carl!

Thanks for set them up. This will allow us to see if the problem is with

Please, let me know when you have problems.


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

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