[Mono-list] Running vs2005 beta 2 compiled code on mono...

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr at terra.com.br
Fri Jul 1 15:13:10 EDT 2005

Hi Alex see inline:

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 23:29 -0500, Alex Mohr wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm new to CLR/CLI stuff and I'm trying some simple experiments.
> I'm interested in C++/CLI in visual studio 2005 beta 2.  I was hoping to
> be able to compile stuff in Visual Studio using /clr:pure and be able to
> run it on other platforms using mono.  Unfortunately I've been running
> into some trouble.

It is expected to have some trouble currently, see below

> I have the simplest C++/CLI program (main takes no args and just returns
> 0) that I can compile and run in VS2005.  I then try to run the program
> on a mac where I have installed mono, but it fails with an obscure error
> (unfortunately I don't have it in front of me now).

A /clr:pure program uses only managed code, and that is good but it:

1) Expects a very different mscorlib 2.0. So at least you need to run
the mono 2.0-compatible preview version, and I'm not sure all the needed
implementations are in place.
2) It still has some dependency on a specific runtime library
Microsoft.VisualC.dll. That I'm quite sure we doesn't have much of it
implemented as needed for both profiles (1.X, 2.0).

This old post tells a bit more:

The only .NET language that I know doesn't have an specific runtime
library is C# (It only needs the three core .NET libraries).

> Is anybody doing this sort of thing?  If so, are there some obvious
> steps that I'm missing?  Any help is appreciated.

As for Microsoft.VisualC.dll:
No one has been actively working on it since 2003 (as told by svn log)

All the meaningful sources we have there are

And that is surely for 1.X profiles

As for needed changes in mscorlib:

The class status page tells that currently mscorlib lacks some 1719
pieces in the 2.0 profile, so probably some of them are needed to be
able to run C++ programs.

Telling us your error message may help us implement what is missing or
must be changed for your program to work correctly.

> Thanks,
> Alex


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