[Mono-list] Problem with Oracle and Mono Charset...

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:38:36 -0500

I recently committed a fix to svn trunk HEAD for strings in 
OracleParameter to use OCIUnicodeToCharSet for Oracle data types dates, 

Can you try your tests again to see if they work now?  I do not know 
French to test the changes.  :-)

Hubert FONGARNAND wrote:

>Thanks to Daniel Morgan
>DataTime and OracleDateTime works now perfectly. There's still a problem with 
>charset.When my NLS_LANG variable isn't set (on my mono client), french "ιθ" 
>are seen as "??" in the database (MS.NET client see "??").
>The only way to display the "ιθ" correctly is to set my NLS_LANG to :
>NLS_LANG="FRENCH_FRANCE.UTF8" (but normally, the client should adapt itself to 
>the server settings)
>but there's still a problem with string length. eg: when I do an "INSERT" with 
>a string with some "ιθ" the string is "cut" by oracle, so I can not see the 
>entire string in the database...