[Mono-list] Cross platform (and framework) development

Jon Walker jwalker@versora.com
Fri, 25 Feb 2005 11:03:05 -0800

We are just getting started on doing the same, but planning on using 
approach 4) falling back to manual conversion of the projects to 
Monodevelop if we have problems (we already have a lot of Visual Studio 
projects to start.)  I found the following site which provides a way to 
convert Visual Studio .NET projects to Nant projects, but haven't tried 
it yet.


Jon Walker

Dave Murphy wrote:

> Hypothetical situation, but (as always) with some grounding in reality.
> If I were developing a Mono/.NET that would be developed and compiled 
> against both frameworks, what is the best build solution?
> The ones I can come up with are:
> 1) Use make and autotools on both Linux and Windows (via Cygwin?)
> 2) Use MonoDevelop on Linux and SharpDevelop on Windows
> 3) Use Visual Studio .NET on Windows and prj2make on Linux
> 4) Use Nant on both
> Are there any other options?
> Cheers,