[Mono-list] monobundle-installer on Ubuntu

Daniel Lopez daniel@bitrock.com
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 10:22:17 -0800

Hi Ricardo,

The installers are based off the current RH9 binaries, but 1.1.4 seems to
have been compiled against a different glibc (2.3.2)

That means 1.0.6 will work on systems using older glibc such as suse
enterprise 8 or several debian-based distributions, but 1.1.4 will not work.

I mentioned this earlier to Gerardo, when new RPMs are released I can
rebuild the installers.

Un saludo


On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 05:05:25PM +0100, Ricardo García wrote:
> Hello
> I have Ubuntu Warty. If I install monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin, all
> commands (mono, mcs, monodevelop) works fine, but when I install
> monobundle-1.1.4-installer.bin, I can't do nothing and always get this
> message:
> /home/ricardo/monobundle-1.1.4/mono/bin/mono.bin: relocation
> error: /home/ricardo/monobundle-1.1.4/mono/bin/mono.bin: symbol
> __libc_stack_end, version GLIBC_2.1 not defined in file ld-linux.so.2
> with link time reference
> I install and uninstall both versions many times with the same result.
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