[Mono-list] xsp build problems on debian

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh@sdf.lonestar.org
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 18:57:35 -0500

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 12:09 +0100, Ezequiel Foncubierta wrote:
> Hi,
> go support/ directory into mono-1.0.6 sources, and update the libraries
> with "make install". It's will install Mono.Posix API. Try now when
> complete the update.
> Good luck.
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> efoncu@agali.org
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> On mar, 2005-02-22 at 23:50 -0700, Mike wrote:
> >I am having trouble building 1.0.6 on debian sid. I get through building 
> >the runtime which all seems ot run a simple "hello world" class fine. 
> >But I cannot continue onto xsp (the reason I want to use mono)
> >
> >during make I get this, configure gives no errors. Plus I don't get
> >---------------------------------------------------------------------
> >/usr/bin/gmcs -debug+ -debug:full -nologo -r:System.Web.dll 
> >-r:Mono.Posix.dll /d:MODMONO_SERVER /out:mod-mono-server2.exe 
> >./IApplicationHost.cs ./MonoWorkerRequest.cs ./Tracing.cs 
> >./ApplicationServer.cs ./LingeringNetworkStream.cs 
> >./BaseApplicationHost.cs ./BaseRequestBroker.cs ./IWebSource.cs 
> >./server.cs ./ModMonoRequest.cs ./ModMonoWorkerRequest.cs 
> >./ModMonoApplicationHost.cs ./ModMonoTCPWebSource.cs AssemblyInfoModMono.cs
> >ALPHA SOFTWARE: Mono C# Compiler for Generics
> >error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `System.Web.dll'
> >Log:
> >
> >error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `Mono.Posix.dll'
> >Log:

I have this same problem on FreeBSD too.  I had thought it was a FreeBSD
specific problem because the only difference in the XSP Makefile between
1.0.6 and 1.0.5 is the use of gmcs over mcs as the compiler and we have
some already known issues.  System.Web.dll and Mono.Posix.dll do exist
and are listed by gacutil.  Now that I see this error happening to
someone on a Linux box I believe this is a sign of an issue somewhere in
Mono or gmcs.  Thanks.



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