SV: [Mono-list] CertificatePoliciesExtension

Hellan.Kim KHE
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 14:23:25 +0100

Hi Sebastien

Thank you for your quick reply.
The ToString() gives me the following:
"[1]Certificate Policy:\r\n\tPolicyIdentifier=3D1.\r\n" =

...where the PolicyIdentifier is just what I need.
Maybe not the best way to find the identifier, but at least it works for


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Hello Kim,

This extension is only partially supported in Mono.Security.dll, so you

a. decode it manually using the ASN1 class;

b. Parse the result of CertificatePoliciesExtension.ToString () to see
your OID is present.

The last one is much easier if you only want to find your OID from a

Sebastien Pouliot

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Subject: [Mono-list] CertificatePoliciesExtension


I just need the Policy OID (like "") from this extension,
I don't know how extract this information?
The class contains a "policies" member, but this member is private, so I
can't get the OID.

Any ideas how to get the Policy OID?

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

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